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Non-linear RPG in a Steampunk world

Last 60 minutes of Henry's life
Will you solve the mystery of his death?

The basement at Henry's house

60 minutes

This is the last hour of your life. Don't waste it. Do only things you consider important.

Lester's speech


The world of Crudelis is torn by conflicts. It's up to you which of them you'll deal with and how.

A cottage

Emotional soundtrack

Richard Wurth is a true master of piano and cello. His unforgettable melodies will accompany you through the whole game.

A balloon outside of the city

12 endings

Every decision brings irreversible consequences which will follow you until the end.

A church

Handmade graphics

Every location has been handmade to bring out its unique features.

A strike at the cement factory


Crudelis has been inspired by the masters of the genre. We read Verne at evenings and play Arcanum on weekends.

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For Windows PC